Sunday, 27 November 2011

Anyone remember where this was located in Liverpool?

This is part of a business card that I have of a "Guest House" that use to be in operation in Liverpool. Can anyone remember this place? I'll post the entire business card as well as a photo of the house later in the week. And just so you know, the house still exists! I'm guessing it was in business in the 50s.

 The White Elk was owned and operated by the late Pearle Winters. The Winters family lived at 156 White Point Road in Liverpool, which later became the home of my grandmother from 1972 until her death in 1988. Only one guess by Judy Francis and she was right. I believe the Winters family also had a small store located in the side sun porch. Alex Doggett is a relative of this Winters family.

Tommy Falls - Liverpool Native and Canadian Army Boxing Champion

Thomas Falls Jr.

Tommy Falls with his mom, Reta.
Up until now all of my posts have been about places and buildings in Liverpool and Queens County. Tonight I thought I'd write a little about someone I never knew. Actually he died long before I was ever born, but throughout my research I've always had a strong interest in his short life. His name was Thomas Fall and he was born in Liverpool on July 24,1916. He was the oldest of 8 children born to Tom Sr and Reta (Harper) Falls and he grew up in Liverpool. Like many young men in Liverpool back then, boxing became a passion for him. He became best friends with Terrence Warrington who became Canadian Boxing Champion in the 1930s. Tommy joined the West Nova Scotia Regiment and served overseas during the second World War. It was here he met his future wife, Rose Golden and they were married January 17,1941. While serving in the army, he won the Canadian Army Boxing Championship 1940-41. After the war ended, Tommy and his wife came back to Canada and made their home in Montreal. They had a few children including sons, Thomas, Randolph and Derrick. One day in September 1948, Tom was arrested by the Montreal Police and beaten to death, apparently by the hands of those police officers. I've read the many articles describing what happened that day and without getting into great details, I can say that some people from the Liverpool area went to Montreal to an inquest held against the Police. I believe Hugh Byrne's dad was one of those people who went to Montreal. Honestly, I don't know whatever happened to the police officers, if anything, but the sad part was that a Canadian war hero, a boxing champion, a husband, a father, brother, uncle was needlessly taken far too young. I should also make note that Tommy's father Tom Sr was in Liverpool battling cancer and he died in November of the same year.

The Liverpool Advance revealed Tommy was buried in Pte. Claire, Quebec a few days after his death.
In 2003 while vacationing in Montreal, I went to find his grave site, something that I always wanted to do. I had heard so many things about this man from his sisters, Beatrice Jarvis of Liverpool (now deceased) and Pauline Martin of Montreal. Visiting his final resting place just added to my interest in this person that I had never known. Within 10 minutes of entering Pte Claire, just like I knew where it was located, I was standing at the foot of Tommy Falls grave. He is buried in the Field of Remembrance, a military cemetery operated by the Last Post Fund. (When I find photos taken at the cemetery I will add them later)

I came across an article I had written about Tommy's life and also a few photos so thought it would be time to write about some one rather than some thing. Tommy Falls certainly deserves to be the first person to be written about on my blog.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Our little town....Liverpool, Nova Scotia

2011 has been a challenging year for a lot of small towns and unfortunately it's been tough for my hometown - Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Several stores have closed, KFC closed, we lost the Woodpile Cafe, Memory Lane, Seams So Simple, Quinns Paint & Paper and Liverpool Value Plus just to name some. Some closed because of the economy, some closed because it was part of a larger chain, some just closed because it was time to do something else. Regardless of the reason, it was sad to see businesses close that we've all enjoyed for many years. Just when we all thought things couldn't get worse, news about the uncertain future of Bowaters appears in the news. Last Saturday White Point Lodge suffered a devastating fire leaving more people off work. Let's hope this is the end of the bad and hope things will start to get better. We've gone through tough times before back in the late 80s and early 90s when Stedmans and Peoples Department Stores closed and also a few other businesses but the town bounced back and I'm sure it will this time. We all have to think positive, being negative just adds to the problem. Even though some of us no longer live in Liverpool we still care about the town's future. One day we hope to maybe move back, retire there or maybe even work there once again. I know that I would like to and I'm sure many other people are thinking the same ......since it is our hometown!

Monday, 7 November 2011

The New Gorham School, Payzant Street, Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Sketch of what the Gorham School would look like
The new Gorham School was built on Payzant Street in the 1960s. Strangely enough it was built next to the Liverpool Jail, something today that would not be allowed...hopefully. The school was a one level building and named after the old Gorham School which was located at the top of Gorham Street and was demolished in the 1960s. I attended the Gorham School for the latter part of grade 1 which was in 1971. My teacher was Barbara Tutty. Other teachers there were Margaret Fisher and for music Terry Hurrell. I have vague memories of the school but recall a large open area, maybe an auditorium or something like that. Perhaps others who went there longer than I did can share their memories of the school. Some of the other kids in my class were Bev Eisnor (Amirault), Pat Hawkes, Gary and Larry Whynot, Everett Conway, Brian Winters and Steven Chandler to name a few. Like many of the smaller schools, the Gorham School ceased to be used as an elementary school some years ago and I believe has been used for upgrading classes. I'm sure in time it will see the wrecker's ball which seems to be the trend for these buildings.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Ted's Mart/MacNutt's Grocery/Lucky's Kwik Way, Main Street, Liverpool, N.S.

Ted Veinot owned Ted's Mart on Main Street for several years. The previous owner was Laurie Whynot who also had the small convenience store for several years. Ted and wife Mildred owned and operated the store when I was a kid in the 1970s. We'd stop for ice cream, pop, or chips..all those treats that kids like. In 1978, Janet and Merrill MacNutt bought the business and changed the name to MacNutt's Grocery. After a few years in business they demolished the building and constructed a new building with 2 sections. The left side was the modern convenience store and on the right was a take out with hamburgers,fries,etc. After a few years the lay out was changed and instead of the 2 areas it was renovated to be all one area with one entrance rather than 2. Merrill and Janet eventually sold the business. Brian Harlow bought the business but I dont think he bought it from the MacNutts, I believe there may have been another owner in there. Brian changed the name to Lucky's Kwik Way. After a few years in business he sold the store to people from Halifax who had it for a short time and it closed and has been vacant since. The last I knew, the building was still FOR SALE. Maybe some of the readers can fill in some blanks, especially from the day when Laurie Whynot owned it. I have no memories of that at all, guess it was before my time.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tupper Park and Harry & Alice Hartlen, Milton, Nova Scotia

The area in Milton by the first bridge is one of many beautiful places in Queens County. The river is beautiful, the falls breathtaking and really one of a kind in our county. The 2 Milton Churches along the Mersey River just add to a picturesque scene. On the West side of the Mersey is Tupper Park, yet another beautiful addition to that area but Tupper Park was not always there. Some of Tupper Park was actually part of the river and was filled in. In the 1970's Milton resident Harry Hartlen was seen there regularly levelling out many loads of fill and soil to create what we have today. Harry lived just up and across the street (almost across from the Blacksmith Shop) so he spent countless hours creating what we all enjoy today and he did it all by hand with a shovel and wheelbarrow. Harry was a character to say the least. He operated a taxi business, well I'm not really sure if he had a registered taxi business but he drove it anyway.
Harry & Alice Hartlen
Harry' wife Alice operated Alice's Nursing Home in their home for many years. I remember walking home from school and seeing the old folks in there. One lady in particular always waited for us kids to walk by and we'd wave and she'd wave back. She always sat in the same chair right in the window to see the kids and goings on. I never knew who she was and I often wondered when we all started going to Liverpool Regional High School what her name was. I'm sure she missed us Tupper Street kids who always took the time to wave and smile.

Harry and Alice had no kids and after their deaths in the early 1990's the house was sold. George Fraser owned it for many years and in the last 2 years or so Richard Colp purchased the house. It's bright red roof is certainly noticeable when you're driving in the area.

Tupper Park is a great place to go and sit and relax. It's also a great place for family photos too. Many weddings pictures have been taken there over the years. The park has given many people lots of enjoyment since it was completed in 1980 and we owe it all to Harry Hartlen. I remember as a teenager wondering why they named it Tupper Park...I always felt it should have been named Harry Hartlen Park since it would not exist if it wasn't for him.

Harry and his mom Dec. 1974

Inside Alice's Nursing Home

Inside Alice's Nursing Home - Fanny Snow and Mrs. Dolliver....Fanny was the lady who always waved to us kids!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Help the Liverpool Fire Dept win this contest.........Please Vote Now!!!!!!!!

 Hey all of you Liverpudlians....time is running out. Liverpool Fire Fighters Association need more have to click on LIKE for the contest then click LIKE for Liverpool...if they win they will get $5000 for the Department which they certainly can use. PLEASE VOTE NOW!!
Liverpool Fire Fighters Association

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AA Munro is holding a contest for Fire Departments across Nova Scotia. All a Fire Department has to do is email us a group picture to The picture will be posted on our A.A. Munro Facebook Fan page and on November 10th which ever Fire Department has the most ‘Likes’ will win $5000 courtesy of A.A. Munro Insurance.

It's on Facebook go to this site -!/media/set/?set=a.235004739885538.74470.214517711934241&type=3

Anyone want to make a guess who these people are? I know and will tell in a day or 2 !

Liverpool Tennis Club

Anyone want to make a guess who these people are? I know and will tell in a day or 2 !

Anyone want to make a guess who these people are? I know and will tell in a day or 2 !