Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fire at Bowater Mersey

Anyone remember what year the fire happened at Bowater Mersey Paper Company? Was it the early 1960s? Tell us your stories...fill is in.....

The old Liverpool Bridge

This photo shows the old Liverpool Bridge which in its day looked like 3 adjoining bridges similar to the bridges in Milton. The center section of the bridge could turn to allows ships to enter the upper part of the river. Sadly today, that is not possible. One can see in the photo that the old bridge is about to be demolished to make way for the new bridge, Lanes can be see in the distance. This all took place in the 1960s. For those of us in our 40s, the present bridge is all we can remember. Such a shame more thought wasn't put into the design of present bridge to allow boats of all sizes to enter the upper part of the river.

Milton Days,,,,it was a busy weekend

The Milton Days celebration has been an ongoing event for many, many years. I've had the pleasure of enjoying it as have my parents, even my grandparents. The festivities may be fewer in number and perhaps the crowds aren't as big but it still takes place every July. The poster above is probably almost 70 years old...street dancing, canoe races, swimming races but most of all the big news during this Milton Days Festivities was the opening of a paved highway through Milton. Most of us don't recall a day when the roads weren't paved but for those who are older I'm sure that was big news. I'm not sure when Milton Days first began, but luckily the tradition continues thanks to the dedication and hard work to many volunteers!

Congregational Church in Milton,N.S.

Next time you drive over Milton Bridge and go up Tupper Street have a look to your left at the grassy field that exists there today. At one time that was the site of the Milton Congregational Church. Not sure what year it was built but well before 1900. My dads grandparents were married here January 1, 1914 so the building holds a special significance to me. In the 1920s when the Congregationalists and Methodists united to form the United Church of Canada, so often the Congregational Churches ceases to function as a place of worship. That is exactly what happen to this church. It basically became a community hall until it was taken down. Dances were held here and a very good friend of mine went to a dance here in the 1940s where she met her future husband and they enjoyed over 55 years together, once again this building has special meaning to me. The old church was torn down in the later 1940s and Milton was without a community hall until the present hall was erected in 1961. The site of the Milton Congregational Church has been vacant since it's demolition about 65 years ago. The photo shows the Ivy VanNorden house to the left and this house still exists today.

Main Street, Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Main Street in Liverpool during the late 1960 or 70s...I remember a lot of this well and those of you who are older than I am would have even clearer memories of a much busier Main Street than we see today. Veinots Footwear on the right, Simpson Sears on the left...Worthmore store straight ahead. The taxi stand was going strong on Jubilee Street and the Town Hall was still in use as a municipal government building. The Stedmans Store was relatively new and the town was going through probably one of it's busiest growth spurts ever. Peoples, Met, Canadian Tire and the Liquor Store were either just built or were about to be. Liverpool's Main Street was changing and changing fast.

Site of McDonalds in Liverpool,N.S.

I'm sure most of us with a few years under our belts recall the houses along Bristol Ave/Sandy Cove Road where McDonalds is now located. On the corner (known as Chesley's Corner) was the Fina (later Petro Canada) Service Station...next to it was an apartment building. I believe there was a furniture store in the front at one time. I remember Carl and Evelyn Ernst living there. There were many units that extended back from that front apartment. My aunt and uncle Sherri & Ted Roy rented there around 1974. Next was another apartment building where various families lived including Robert Brown family, Mervin Hartlen family and the Gary Young family. The next house was the Brewster house. Next being the home of Bill and Nita Foley, later an apartment building. The house on the far right was also an apartment building in my days but I'm sure some of the readers may recall what family lived there. I believe Gus Vromans, owner of Liverpool Pizzeria owned it at one time and rented it. McDonalds opened its doors in November 1995 so this photo dates back before that time. One wonders where the years go, I'm one of those people. Seems like yesterday these houses lined the street as we all drove to Brooklyn. Times change and time passes by so fast and yesterday becomes yesteryear very quickly.