Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ladies Bowling Team at Mersey Lanes in Liverpool,N.S. in 1965

Can you help identify the people in the picture?

Front Row Left Side
1. ?
2. Doris Gerhardt
3.Alice Huskins
4.Audrey Thorbourne

Front Row Right Side
1. ?
2. Ellen MacLeod
3. Joyce MacLeod\
4.Mabel Roy
5.Geraldine Ingram

Sitting at Table
1. Nellie Schupe
2. Ruth Dalby
3. Lloyd Doane

Middle Row Left to Right
1. Betty West
2. ?
3. Elaine Whynott
4. Mildred Coops
5. Nancy Whynot
6. Sandra Whynot
7. Diane Coombs
8. Helena Keans
9. Lillian Croft
10. Marjorie Roy
11.Geraldine Ingram

Back Row Left to Right
1. Marina Wood
2. Peggy Dalby
3. ?
4. Marion Whynot
5. Joan Whynot
6. (man) ?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Anyone recognize this Queens County house?

Old Ball Field now Sobeys in Liverpool,N.S.

The Old Liverpool Ball Field where Sobeys is now...note the wooden fence on the left...building on the right was later the Dairy Treat.
Next time you drive through the Tim Horton's drive thru in Liverpool remember that you are driving where bleachers once were. Those bleachers were behind home plate at Liverpool's old ball field. That ball field is now Sobeys and it's parking lot. The famous ball team Liverpool Larrupers played on this field. I don't know when the ball field started here but I have a video from the late 1920s early 1930s and it shows a short clip of a ball game held there. I remember going to a ball game in the 1970s with my grandmother where the comedy team the California Cuties played a hilarious, fun-filled game against the Liverpool Fire Fighters ball team. As late as the 1960s there was a wooden fence around the ball field and in it's last years, there was a metal mesh fence around. Sobeys purchased the property and built their store and created the parking lot I would guess the early 1980s. Little did we all know, that this was the beginning of a new commercial area in Liverpool with many other new businesses going in that part of town. Back then it was hard to believe the ball field was gone. Today, one would never know a ball field was ever there. After the old field was sold, a new ball field was created on White Point Road.