Friday, 13 April 2012

Searching for homes of some you remember where they lived?

Been researching a project for 2 years and am wondering if anyone might remember where the following people may have lived in the Liverpool area - in some cases I know the street but not which house it was.....

Peter Isaac
Harriet McQuinn (Hunts Point)
Jennie Smith
Clarence Drew 
Basil Knox
Esther Williams
Forest Peach - Old Port Mouton Road
Lester Smith - Union Street
Roswell Nickerson - Prefabs
Arthur Parker - Brooklyn
A. Harris MacLeod - Main Street
Fred Maynard
Arthur Young
Murray & Alta McPherson - Main Street
Russell Wamboldt - Main Street
Harry Peach - Old Port Mouton Road
Howard Sperry
William Clatttenburg - Brunswick St
Austin Clattenburg - George St
Rona Payzant - Summer St
Floyd & Nettie Whynot

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Riverside Hotel, Main Street, Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Riverside Hotel - later the site of the Liverpool I.G.A.
When I look at what we have along Main Street in Liverpool, I often wonder what was there before. The 1960s saw a lot of changes on Main Street, with so many of the older structures demolished to make way for new cement box type buildings. For those who are old enough to remember, the 1960s saw the building of the Stedmans building (now Packets Landing), The Peoples Store (now Home Hardware), The Liquor Store (now vacant but was Value Plus), The Metropolitan Store (now the Bargain Shop), Canadian Tire (now gone because of a 1996 fire) and of course the Liverpool IGA. The IGA and Bowling Center were built around 1960/61 and of all the buildings mentioned previously, it was the first to be constructed. Before it was built, there stood a beautiful old building known as the Riverside Hotel. Unfortunately I do not remember this building since it was gone years before I was born. I do know that it was owned and operated by Walter Cook and his wife Ella. The photo above was loaned to me by Barbara Cook Meredith, grand daughter of Walter and Ella. I'm hoping readers will offer some of their own personal memories of this building since I have none of my own memories.

Walter & Ella Cook - owners of the Riverside Hotel